Upcoming Events




This is the link to purchase tickets for the Melton Gold Cup Friday 18th , Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th of February 2022
This years event is a "pre paid ticketed event" being one of the conditions in the permit from DHHS that enables the event to go ahead. 
Some other conditions of the permit are:
  • Every person coming through the gates must use the QR Code to register their attendance for contact tracing purposes - records are only to be used for tracing COVID-19 infections and are stored confidentially and securely.  The information will be made available to Public Health Officials upon request, the information will be retained for 28 days then it is destroyed
  • Maintain social distancing 
  • Do not attend if you are unwell with cough/cold symptoms
  • Do not attend if you have had close contact with anyone who is suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive
  • Do not attend if you have a fever/temperature