Skiing Report

Updated: SEPTEMBER 2021

The ski season is in full swing.  Hopefully members are out on the water enjoying the Clubs’ facilities

As the weather gets better we can start
to get excited about the ski season
ahead. Covid restrictions have meant
that we have been unable to continue
with the repair of jump ramp although
planning is underway to get it back into
the water this season.
Local member Aaron Kamastie has been
doing regular maintenance to the slalom
course over winter including tree removal
due to recent heavy rainfall and repairs
to the turn bouys.
The club will look to conduct “come try
days” during the summer for any
members who would like to learn the
course, with more details to follow.


Quick Facts

A new slalom course for members and competitors, installed back at the “Island” or “bridge” end of the reservoir. The ski jump is currently been repaired 


These sites are noted in the Club Rules & Constitution book and it is asked that members stay clear of these areas when in use and also if they are not using them because of the extensive maintenance required to keep them operational and also the risk when using them if there are other boats around.


The Ski Committee is very keen for members, family & friends of all ages to make use of these Club facilities.


Facility Etiquette

If more than one boat user is present then take turns, 6 passes (runs), and boats queue at the Club room end of the run in. There is a dock located here to wait. Please report damage or misuse (missing buoys, incorrect use of the jump, missing dock)