Melton Gold Cup 2022 RACE - February 18th 19th & 20th 2022 Video of the 2021Melton Gold Cup - Turn it Up Connor Patterson


The Melton Gold Cup has Australia's fastest Blown Alcohol Displacement (B.A.D.) racing boats, all at one spectacular event. You will get the adrenalin rush as you witness the "Thrills and Spills" of these 6-metre "Super Charged" flying machines, as they literally walk across the water at speeds in excess of 240kph.

Our marquee event was held on the weekend of February 18-19 & 20th 2022.


The 2022 Gold Cup final was run and won by our very own Robert Psaila in “Duggan Balancing - Beyond” . It an awesome result for the club was a uplifting feeling for all members. Credit to all of the organisers and volunteers who came together to hold what has come to be regarded one of the best circuit boat racing events in Australia.


The Coronavirus pandemic did limit the ability of some interstate teams to travel in 2021, with the boarders re-opening we are hoping to see teams from Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia make into the Reservoir in 2022 





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There are many different race boat classes that compete at every race meeting and race at speeds in excess of 160 kilometers per hour.


As technology progresses, boats become faster, easier to handle and safer. This means that records are being set yearly. This provides races for racers to earn points so that they can earn a championship!


Check out our event calendar 2021 2022 for up and coming events and come see the excitement of high speed action and thrills of boat racing here at Melbourne Runabout and Speedboat Club today!!